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Post stories or links to stories about mind control in the forum. Ever since I was a schoolboy and was attacked and abused by a group of girls during a break time at school the experience has been the subject of my fantasies I was held down by the girls and my pants were removed.They were all daring each other to touch my cock and in the end they each had a feel, one after the other.

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I was struggling with myself trying not to cum but it spurted out like a milky fountain beyond my control I'd never attempt to do anything illegal but I love to relive those experiences in my mind and in real through adult roleplay and ageplay. A Fetish group for good heroines corrupted,sci-fi alien invasions (where humans are converted to serve aliens & turn other humans sexually/sensually)..For the experienced, and by that I mean the scarred, the disfigured, those drivers who possibly still hurt every waking day of their lives, there are an entirely different set of problems, regardless of their ability to learn from past experiences.The problem faced by the salty, by the ones who well and truly drove around that block more than they care to admit, is the inability to disengage from what they think they know best, and in doing so they find themselves sat exactly where they were before they even released the handbrake.This will form the constitution of a new form of government, a legislature against women, misogynocracy. Part 1One of the lessons you learn after years of driving is that at some point or another, you’re going to experience the pain of repetition and predictability.2023 will be the year we draft the constitution and put the world right again. Hypnosis, mind control, changing legislation, legal fantasy porn for the intelligent misogynist and pragmatic feminist. Even when I first started off on the journey, I never had a destination in mind.

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