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You can absolutely do that and it can be really helpful.

You just have to be careful not to sound negative about it — you can’t sound resentful or like you’re complaining or eye-rolling.

grammatically correct by my own invented rules but is it weird or obviously wrong to do this? A resume is formal writing, so you shouldn’t be using ampersands at all unless an ampersand is part of a company’s formal name (like “Llamas & Toads Inc.”). Loads of hiring managers aren’t even reading that third page, and when they skim their eyes are less likely to fall on your strongest stuff. My old boss wants me to come back but I’m not interested Last year I left an entry-level job I enjoyed which had great benefits, awesome coworkers, and cool projects but way more administrative duties vs. I got recruited for an amazing job where I do all teapot sculpting all the time and none of the administrative duties that I hated, which was a godsend.

Plus it makes you look like you don’t know how to edit or identify what’s most important, and it makes you look like a weaker candidate. My old manager recently met with me for lunch and to catch up, and essentially used it as an opportunity to ask me about returning to my old job in a role where I would be doing even more administrative duties and almost no teapot sculpting, and I would never go back to that again.

I’d like to give my successor some advice that might help them “manage” Fergus — such as “if you want concrete deadlines, you need to ask for them clearly, vocally, and often” and “as the youngest person in this office, your informal job duties will also include computer support.”I realize that my perspective is a little biased, and I don’t want to sound like a disgruntled former employee because overall this workplace has given me many opportunities and Fergus is a genuinely good (but, to me, infuriating) person.

What kind of advice is appropriate in this situation?

I’m about to leave my current position to attend graduate school, and my boss is interviewing for my replacement.

I’m very ready to move on for a variety of reasons, in particular the fact that my boss Fergus has a very strong personality that does not mesh with my own (I’m not alone; others in the office also feel this way).

But I have a good relationship with her and want to maintain that relationship, as she would be a great resource for me professionally.I would change this answer if the message were racist or otherwise hateful and bigoted rather than the kind of run-of-the-mill sex stuff that you run into on dating sites.What’s the best way to handle clients who arrive early for an appointment?I try to confirm the time with them first, make sure it’s on my calendar, and plan accordingly.Then my day gets thrown off when I get a call from Reception way before the client’s expected to show up.

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