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The weather can be cold and dreary, and nightfall draws the shades on sightseeing well before dinnertime.

While rural charm falls with the leaves, city sightseeing is fine in the winter. Just keep traveling and take full advantage of bright spells.

Enjoying watching the penguins going about their daily life at Paradise Park. You may also see the pair of Eider Ducks, called Nuuk and Ida, which share the pool.

Depending on the length of your trip, and taking geographic proximity into account, here are my recommended priorities: Note: Instead of spending the first few days of your trip in busy London, consider a gentler small-town start in Bath (the ideal jet-lag pillow), and let London be the finale of your trip.

With the use of the internet, dating sites can help you to find a partner to spend time with either on a short term or long term basis.

Even if you aren't interested in inputting specific parameters, you can still browse through profiles and read information about other people before engaging in conversation with them.

With more time, everything is workable without a car.

In Britain, July and August are peak season — with very long days, the best weather, and the busiest schedule of tourist fun. Prices and crowds don't go up during peak times as dramatically in Britain as they do in much of Europe, except for holidays and festivals.

For three weeks without a car, I'd cut back on the recommended sights with the most frustrating public transportation (Cornwall, Dartmoor, and Ironbridge Gorge).

Lacing together the cities by train is very slick, and buses get you where the trains don't go.

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