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Our work is always off-limits until we ask for your perspective or views.We may not all be precious about it, but it's probably best to respect the professional boundary.Plus, most good work takes a lot of time (take however much time you think good writing might take and add a lot more time).So sit tight — you'll read it when we're ready, I assure you. It can be harrowing, and if you're convinced that book deals just drop from the sky whenever a person is talented enough, you're not going to be a very helpful companion to a writer.You don't have to be a massive book nerd — but having at least a love of words will get you a long way with a writer. Remember: we will update you on our writing progress, not the other way around.And I mean a genuine love of words, not just a love of throwing around lots of multi-syllabic words to make you look smarter. Writing can be a very frustrating process, and we may feel like utter failures when we can't get something to work out.Writing professionally and/or seriously takes rigid self-discipline, whether it shows or not.

The stereotype of the genius writer casually dashing off a few genius lines and then strolling off to smoke some opium is not true (though we may wish it was).

The "penniless" stereotype is a very old one that we hear a lot, but many of us are doing perfectly fine, thank you very much — so it'd be cool if you reminded your family of that.

It's awesome that so many people in the world want to be novelists/lyricists/poets/historians. But most of us have heard the "novel in me" idea before, and if we're currently in the struggling, not-particularly-rewarding phase of trying to wrestle one out, having somebody tell you about the novel they're blithely not writing can be a bit off-putting.

(True story: after watching Prometheus, another writer friend and I nearly got thrown out of a Thai restaurant for complaining about it too loudly.)Writers don't have the best reputation as sensible, stable partners.

I'm lucky that I married into a family of opera singers and academics who are reasonably laid-back about the idea of one of their offspring hitching themselves to an author, but in many relationships, the family of the non-writer will wonder when the writer is going to "get a real job" or other such nonsense.

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