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Food, no matter how pure, cannot fill the space in your soul that longs for love and spiritual experience.

If you are trying to use it for this purpose, you may have gone astray on your journey.

If you stray even minimally from your chosen diet, do you feel a compulsive need to cleanse?

Has your interest in healthy food expanded past reasonable boundaries to become a kind of brain parasite, controlling your life rather than furthering your goals?

Does it interfere with relationships or work, friends or family?

Do you use pure foods as a sword and shield to ward off anxiety, not just about health problems but about everything that makes you insecure?

I originally invented the word as a kind of “tease therapy” for my overly diet-obsessed patients.

Over time, however, I came to understand that the term identifies a genuine eating disorder.

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Both conditions involve control, but whereas an anorexic seeks continually to reduce weight, an orthorexic feels compelled to achieve ever great heights of dietary perfection; to feel entirely clean, pure and transparent.The question is, how many are still returning her calls? Ivanka and Chelsea had long had a tight bond, often meeting up for date nights with their respective husbands, Jared Kushner and Marc Mezvinsky.Chelsea vowed that the election wouldn’t affect their BFF status, but those niceties went out the window somewhere along the campaign trail (we’re guessing “lock her up” and “nasty woman” didn’t do much to ease the tension).Please note that I do not, and have never claimed that vegetarianism, veganism, or any other nutritionally sound approach to eating healthy food is in itself a disorder. Nor do I think that people who pay close attention to labels on the foods they mean to purchase are demonstrating a psychological problem (as some web articles on orthorexia would appear to imply.) Finally, I entirely agree that the problem of addiction to junk food is immensely more prevalent than obsession with healthy food.Nonetheless, it is possible to have an unhealthy obsession with healthy food. Obesity is by far the biggest lifestyle-related health issue today, and every reasonably health-conscious person does what is necessary to achieve and maintain a normal BMI.

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