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In effect this opens a personal channel just for the two of you if you want to talk more personally.You can either do this by right mouse clicking on their nickname and selecting "chat" or by selecting the "DCC" menu, choosing "Chat..." and then typing their nickname in the resulting dialogue box.To avoid conflicts with other users, it is best to use a nick that is not too common, e.g. Your nickname or "nick" will appear before your posting to the channel. You cannot be identified; no one knows what age, sex, race or the country you are in - and you don’t know anything about anyone else.This can lead to some fairly childish behaviour or behaviour which is not usual between people.In each room people are chatting about different subjects. The names in the right-hand column are people who are talking in the chat room.You enter the building, see a directory or listing of the discussions going on in each of the rooms, and select a room to visit. These names are referred to as "nicks", short for "nicknames".Their messages will appear in the large white area to the left.Your cursor will blink in the very bottom area waiting for your input.

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When you open your chat client, you select a "chat server", then a "chat room" or "channel".

But it has a good side too - no one can identify your race and age - it’s just people chatting with no prejudice about appearance.

Return to top You can join a number of chat groups at once (some IRC clients do not support this feature).

The chat groups you have joined are listed in the buttons at the bottom of your screen. Use the "/list" command to get a very long list of available channels.

Channel names usually begin with a "#", as in #irchelp .

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