Oguri shun and inoue mao dating

A ring that celebrates eternal love with its radiance.Is Johnny Kitagawa planning a big bombshell to announce their marriage after her Taiga drama is finished? He's going to make them wait out for 2 - 3 more years and when she hits 30 and realizes that they'll never be together.Hana Yori Dango is written and illustrated by Yoko Kamio.The manga’s original run started in October 1992 until September 2003.Arashi's Matsumoto Jun (30) rumored dating actress Inoue Mao (27) at the end of last year and was photographed spot on had become a commotion within the industry.But the photo was apparently blocked from being published by Johnny's Office.Inoue Mao is scheduled to star in next year 2015 Taiga drama on NHK and a scandal for her right now is a no-no.But apparently, her family wants her to be married by the age of 30.

and if it's really true that him and Inoue-san are planning to get married, I think it would be better to announce it before the taiga's drama because imo it would seem more like deceiving the public if they announced it after, furthermore the publicity would be good too i think.More worries ensue as Netflix releases the trailers for its adaptation of the psychological thriller, Death Note.In contrast to the cynical reactions towards Hollywood remakes or reboots, Asian adaptations receive more favorable responses.Such was the case when the producer of Meteor Garden announced the upcoming reboot of the popular Taiwanese television series based on the well-loved shoujo manga, Hana Yori Dango.Hana Yori Dango revolves around Tsukushi Makino, a determined young woman who manages to enter the elite Eitoku Academy, an exclusive school for the wealthy.

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