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These shows occur at almost the same time, so it’s the peak time of year for scooter news.Thankfully 2017 did not disappoint with interesting concept and production machines from a wide range of OEMs.The PCX Hybrid cleverly uses the starter motor to deploy the regenerated power.All the 2017 scooter lineups have been announced, and unfortunately there’s not much to get excited about with only a single new model, while several notable scooters are on their way out.Both scooters are returning without any updates, nor new color options.After mixing up the color options for the first decade, Honda has apparently decided that black and white/red are the best colors for the Ruckus, as these have now been offered for 6 years running (2012 - 2017).While it was overhauled for 2007, it hasn’t been updated in the decade since so it’s not shocking that the end has come.

It is still a great scooter - now entering classic territory - and seems reasonably popular.This total of 49 models is less than last year (52) but the same as 2013, so scooter selection has been largely stable for the past few years.This week Honda quietly announced the 2017 editions of their 50cc models: the Ruckus and Metropolitan (known as the Giorno in Canada).If you’re worried about the range, Vespa is also going to produce a “range extended” version with an on-board gas generator to charge the batteries called the Elettrica X.Mostly likely this version will make an already expensive scooter even more pricey.

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    Familiar features have moved or changed, and in classic Apple fashion, some have also been quietly removed.

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