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And for co-creating the character Fido Dido with Joanna Ferrone.

The series ended on December 16, 2007, with the third season being the final season.

s main character is a teenager named Addie Singer (Emma Roberts), who writes songs about her life in middle school.

Her best friends are Geena Fabiano (Malese Jow), who is interested in fashion and designs her own clothes, and the environmentally committed school basketball player Zack Carter-Schwartz (Jordan Calloway).

Like Seinfeld, the episode titles all start with the article "The".

The show's theme song is performed by Jill Sobule, who also writes the songs.

For the majority of the second season, however, Addie is dating Randy Klein (Evan Palmer).They break up towards the end of the season and Addie realizes that she still likes Jake.The made-for-TV movie Unfabulous: The Perfect Moment focused on Addie and Jake getting together although Jake will be gone for the rest of the summer in Canada.The episode aired in November 2004, a few months after both of the series began.Along with the start of the second season in September 2005, Nickelodeon also began selling different types of Unfabulous-related merchandise, beginning with the album Unfabulous and More (see Soundtrack below).

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