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And just like that, the kind of bedroom you have sex in can make all the difference between looking alluring in bed and looking ho-hum.

Use soft, yellowish lighting around your bed by using lampshades or candles. And make sure you prep your bed to create the aura of sexual pleasure. Learn new moves in bed and be willing to experiment with each other.

You could lose a few sizes, but you can’t transform your out of shape body into a sexy body in a month. Cardio is the way to go if you want to look better naked. It’s just awesome to strengthen you, thin you up and give you all the right curves while eliminating your stress at the same time.

You’ll look toned and sexy, and your muscles will stay lean and thin instead of getting bulky. [Read: 25 ways to get motivated to work out] #3 Eat well.

Drinking a lot of water hydrates your skin, prevents stretch marks and makes your skin feel supple and soft.When you’re in bed with your partner, remember that looking naked isn’t just about walking across the room with no clothes on.Apply light makeup *that doesn’t stain the sheets* or use earrings and other subtle accessories to accentuate your naked body. Fragrances can amplify your sex appeal when it blends well with the natural fragrance of your skin.[Read: How to pick the perfect fragrance that’s right for you] #11 The perfect sex bedroom.The kind of hotel you stay in can make all the difference to a vacation.

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