Updating classic american ranches Cam4 george middlesbrough

You will see the "update date" is recent, you will see an asterisk with it, and at the bottom of that box is the "reason" for the update.

All of these will discuss the detached smoke update.

Updated Waterfall (AI Boat/Wake problem) There is a new download for Waterfall.

I didn't have the fishing boats configured correctly and I didn't have the wake effect needed for them. To make sure you have them and they are configured correctly, I put them into the download for Waterfall. Basically you are overwriting a boat in the Sim Objects/Boats folder and putting in the proper wake effect in your EFFECTs folder.

AI Aircraft for Tongass X - This file is the one people must have if they are using P3D V3 or V4.

This eliminates the Crash to Desktop from some of the older AI objects that were used in Tongass X.

As we do groups of folders, we will zip them and add them in this location.

updating classic american ranches-7

veh_Mega_yacht_sm - This is a boat object that was updated so it can be used in P3D V4 .So you can download these one at a time and only put in the ones you want.This also updates the Scenery page for new people coming to the site, whatever they download from the Scenery Page will be the latest if it is so marked. On the Installation/Getting Started Page, Step Table #10.The team has been making corrections for these and we are posting them on Step Table #9 on the re-designed "Getting Started/RTMM Installation" page.The update to this page is not yet finished, but you can download the new files from Step Table #9 on the updated page.

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