Updating my toshiba dvd drive

A more comprehensive Fix it solution is available to address other common issues with CD/DVD devices.This solution currently runs only on Windows Vista.

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Or go buy another upgrade copy from Fry's or other retailer, or internet store.Connections to databases will need to be removed and programes will not function properly if you are willing to do this) its very obvious 15)Click on "Ok" Hope this helps from Novis Hello Damian, I have a solution for your problem. Follow these simple steps to fix this in under 5 minutes. If you have a problem with the computer not showing up the DVD/CD drive icon in the My computer window either in VISTA/XP, there is a little precheck list that you may want to go through before thinking about deleting upper/lower filter in registry. Usually if its a registry problem, the DVD drive will be detected in the device manager but it will also have a yellow exclamation mark on the DVD drive device entry which will be clearly visible. Once you login here you will be presented with option to "save" or "run" the file.If this is the case, then simply follow the below link to fix it automatically by running an installer rather than manually messing around with the registry settings as this can harm you computer. Please choose "save" and save the file in a place where you can access it.Repeate steps 1 to 8 for other drives with this problems if necessary and have the drivers in hand only.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***). Also you can change the drive letter so collisions do not occur 10).

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