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Kim Kardashian- Very much known for her audacious image.

She never thinks twice when she really wants to bare it all for the paparazzi, just like seen recently in a certain magazine.

The 25-year-old IMG Model covered up in a black turtleneck and distressed blue jeans while the 32-year-old investment mogul sported a grey sweater and faded denim.

That same day, Joshua shared an Instagram snap of his platinum blonde girlfriend posing in front of a Mickey Mouse mural.

In the chat, Kruger, who turned 40 just prior to her parting with Jackson, said the changes she underwent this past summer led her to focus and realize the time is now to get what she wants out of life.

Hedlund himself is coming off the end of a high-profile Hollywood relationship, as he and Spider-Man stunner Kirsten Dunst called it quits in April after a four-year relationship that began on the set of 2012's On The Road.

The Unbroken star wore a dark blue coat with matching slacks, black shoes and a black shirt he dangled his sunglasses off of, with his brown hair combed with a part.

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The Infiltrator beauty, speaking with The Guardian Sunday, said that her summer split with the actor, who burst onto America's screens in the late 90s on the hit Dawson's Creek, 'wasn’t the most fun time' in her life.

Some of the tunes (such as the first half of “Song For Piece”) could almost be folk songs.

The quartet, a little reminiscent at times of the 1970s Keith Jarrett group with Dewey Redman, thinks along similar lines, using the strong melodies and occasional repetition as the basis for building up their performances.

With about half of them, I've never gone to a screening.

I show up at the opening, wave, sign autographs, take pictures, talk to the press and then sneak out the side door with my wife and ...

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